Artists looking for patrons and fund-raising now have a social networking group just for them. The Jahwar Amber Inc. , a private not-for-profit organization that works to increase support for artists has launched a site that is part fund-raiser and part a social network (MWESANEO DIRECTORY).

The website offers patrons of the arts an opportunity to browse ongoing and potential projects from around the country in all forms, such as literature, dance, and architecture or even other media works that need funding. The group is stressing the idea of personal philanthropy, where anyone can help transform a person’s vision into something real by making donations.

While the site is part solicitation, it is also a chance for artists to contact one another, discussing pieces of work and learning about new ways to raise money. This feature is particularly valuable to the many artists who work independently and introspectively. Artists set fund-raising goals, and can create a profile, allowing people to engage in direct contact and ongoing interaction. If ever a goal is not met and the effort is ended, money is returned. However, when achieved, often artists will provide donors with special perks, such as CDs, T-shirts, or other autographs, depending on the type of art.

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