Christian Leaders Kenya Alliance is a national Apostolic Movement of churches, leaders and ministries who are joined together by common beliefs, values and purpose. Our Mission is to advance the Kingdom of God through strong Biblical relationships and strategic partnerships. We serve and encourage one another to bring about positive transformation in our cultures and communities.

Our initiatives include producing online content and resources, hosting regional events, and facilitating the Church Leaders Incubator, a two-year program to strengthen young pastors for long-term, effective, senior leadership. We also organise the Christian Leaders Forums for all the counties that are represented in membership.

Our goal with all of our initiatives is to catalyze conversation and build bridges across various contexts in order to better equip more resilient, theologically robust, and culturally nuanced church leaders to thrive in our post-Christian Kenyan culture.

It has been founded by Adhengo Boaz Ministries and will be launching in a ceremony as planned on 06 January 2023.