Effective January 2021, Gunther Bauermann is Co-President and Senior Partner of Adhengo Boaz & Associates (LLC), acquiring majority operations including the group as registered; till such a time as outlined in the stated terms of transfer. Maria Guijaro and Irene Garcia will coordinate ministry and charities that the organisation has initiated since before this acquisition.

We are Corporate Chaplains and Venture Capitalists, yet still, as artist coaches, we bring a unique combination of creativity, business knowledge, “artworldexperience”, and professional coaching skills to our practice that is anchored upon Christian faith.
Our founder, Maestro Boaz Adhengo (Chaplain) has worked in the art world for the past decade and while at it, spent some many years in the business world; helping leaders strengthen their management skills, and teaching salespeople how to improve their selling skills. He is now concentrateing his gifts and skills as President to Creative Arts Society of Kenya where he still serves as a Chaplain.

As artist coaches, we work with emerging, mid-career, and established artists who are ready to take their art practice to the next level. Do you need to become more visible? Are you able to identify the right venues for your work? Do you get frustrated navigating through all the available “artist opportunities” on the web? Do you want to increase sales of your work? Are you trying to find gallery representation?

On the other hand, sometimes you’re just not ready to focus on your career. This is why we also offer life coaching for artists and other creative people. You may need to answer more personal questions about the role of art in your life as a whole. What are the obstacles that get in your way? How do you sustain yourself as a creative person? How do you find community? How do you balance the demands of work and family? As a life coach who works exclusively with creative people, we understand the dilemmas you face.

Our Chaplains are happy to talk with you about your specific goals and challenges towards realising that business idea you might have.